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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Guys Movies - The Last Stand
Location: Villas Clubhouse
Time: 7pm to 9pm
An action movie will be played as a Guys Night Out.
The title of thee movie will be announced a few days in advance.
For more information, contact Bob Turnage.
TITLE: The Last Stand (2013) - Netflix
TIME: 1 hr 47 min
The leader of a drug cartel busts out of a courthouse and speeds to the Mexican border, where the only thing in his path is a sheriff and his inexperienced staff.
 "Who the hell are You?"
   - "I'm the sheriff !"
  Arnold is back! Always has that style
This is one of last major motion pictures done by Schwarznegger. He did another Terminator sequel in 2019, but his part was very small. Like Willis and Stallone, enjoy while you got them.