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Since mid -2016, the Villas community has been extremely lucky to have the talents of residents Jim and Joan Major as editors who solicit input from the neighborhood, prepare, and publish the community newsletter - The Villas Voice. To minimize costs, the newsletter is distributed to the residents only via email and this website.
Contact info: To Be Determined...
After MULTIPLE years of putting out a great community newsletter for all the residents to enjoy, Jim and Joan Major have retired from journalism. The community is looking for a replacement(s) to pick up the baton. If you are interested, please contact Kathee Bailey of the Social and Recreation Committee, or any member of the COA Board.
The Villas Voice is an unofficial quarterly newsletter of the Villas.  The newsletter seeks items of general interest to all residents. The type of content published in previous newsletters include:
  • Travel by residents
  • Villas club activities
  • Committee reports
  • Covenants updates
  • News of lasting interest
  • Each quarter The Villas Voice publishes a "pet of the quarter" -- one dog and one cat, if both are submitted. Nominations are requested.
  • They also select an "angel of the quarter," or in some cases, "angels." These are people or groups who have rendered extraordinary service to residents. Angels may be women or men. Nominations are requested.
  • Articles and photographs (JPEG format) are welcome.
The newsletter is not a calendar or report of current events; those are found elsewhere on this website.
Link to current and previous newsletters: