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Villas Blog #70
Posted on May 11th, 2023

Villas Blog 70
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The pool is open, people are sitting in the sun (remember the sunscreen), the birds are at the feeders… MUST be  Spring and almost Summer!!
 The Board is looking forward to our upcoming Receptions!  One of the dates is already filled and a new date added.  If you have not had the opportunity to sign up yet, please email Pam Alig at her email address that can be found at the end of the Blog [or use the Contact webpage link at the bottom of this Blog].
please email Pam Alig at her email address that can be found at the end of the Blog.    The program was described in your invitations.  The dates are: May 22 at 10.30 AM, Full, June 1 at 7:00 PM  a few Available Spots Open.  NEW DATE and TIME June 6 at 1PM.  Consider registering if this new date and time works for you.  Our last date is June 15 at 7:00 PM, with several Spots Open
Some updates from our Facilities Team:  DragonFly, the company we contract with for runoff water filtration and retention wall maintenance, has shown in their May 1 service report that there are several “areas of concern”, specifically at Level Spreader # 12 and at the “Blue” retention wall. We have requested that our Property Manager, Carol Slaven obtain their quote for these repairs.  Black metal fencing in several areas around our grounds show damage and panel sections that are no longer attached to their post. The damage is most likely due to mower “hits”, but not tied to any specific service group. The Board approved that the repairs should be made, to delay action could lead to more expensive repairs later.  The Phase 1 driveway drain repair recently made between Buildings # 11 and 12 has been completed. Rainwater accumulation appears to have been minimal in recent heavy rain, thus the project may not need the Phase 2 (drain to the retaining wall) that had been considered.  Taylor Pressure Washing is scheduled for cleaning all buildings June 5-6. Unit residents can pay the crew $20 for their patio to be pressure washed, but they must remove all lawn furniture and accessories. More details will be provided by e-mail.  Split-rail fence post replacement and associated repairs have been completed. All old post debris has been removed.  At the clubhouse, we passed the annual fire extinguisher/ safety inspection. Indoor & outdoor emergency lights have all been replaced. A Carbon Dioxide detector was added in the Fitness Room, one extinguisher was replaced and necessary signage was updated.  The wooden “barrier” fence between us and the apartments is weathering nicely. Consideration will be given to staining this fence at 3–5-year intervals, or let it continue to age untreated. Stain protects the wood, but this will become an ongoing expense.  In conjunction with an owner’s experience of gutter plugging and subsequent overflow (within a few months of complete gutter cleaning), there will be a trial installation of gutter guard in their “high debris accumulation" gutters. In addition, there will be further discussion of periodic Handyman hired to do tasks, such as gutter cleaning, that our Facilities crew and residents should not be doing, especially on ladders.
Address plaques on our homes are fading and make the reading of unit numbers more difficult. A trial illustrated on the clubhouse plaque shows a solution, white paint applied to highlight the number against the darker background. The plaque location on the unit may also need to be changed to become more visible at the driveway.  Next time you are passing the Clubhouse, especially at night, take a few moments to see if it is more visible.   It has also been suggested that a community yard sale would be a fun way to clear out unwanted items from our homes.  In the next few weeks residents will be sent a short survey to see what their thoughts are on these two items. 
Our Cinco de Mayo Friday at Five was expertly hosted and filled with great food and lots of fun.  Our hostess, Carol Noble, led us in a game of charades, and it was exciting to see how many great actors and actresses we have here at the Villas!  If anyone else would ever want to be host and or hostess with a theme, like what we used to do at Thursday Dinner club, please notify Kathee Bailey.  Please join us on the East Lawn Memorial Day May 29th to honor those we lost in the service of our Country.  Musical performance again this year by Laurie Gartland followed by taps. Arrive around 2:15 and enjoy a delicious piece of pie   Please contact Terry Pike if you would like to provide a pie to share with the crowd!  Also, Sign-up on the bulletin board for a yummy Potluck Dinner on Thursday May 18th.  Bring your favorite beverage and a shareable edible item!

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to either the Committee chairs or to the Board.  You will be responded to in a timely manner.
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