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SUMMARY - All Questions to the Board
Posted on Aug 23rd, 2023

Good Morning Neighbors,
Pasted in below and in the attached Word document file you will find the Board’s responses to each of the questions given us in the Neighbor and Board Receptions.
Our thanks to those of you who participated in the poll on the What Would You Like to See Improved lists.
Speaking of improvements, the Board has moved forward on improving the visibility of the address plaques on each of our condominiums and the clubhouse. The numbers and boarder of each plaque will be painted white. The clubhouse address plaque’s numbers have been painted white so you could see a sample and provide feedback. We will update you on the details when this project begins.
Barney Ford
On behalf of the Villas Board

Questions for the Board from the four Neighbor and Board Receptions
With the Board’s Brief Responses
August 2023
-- Questions from the May 22nd Reception --
Can we have this kind of reception once a year? Yes, or more often if topics and interest warrant more reception sized meetings. This Board cannot speak for future Boards on this matter.
When violations occur what process do they go through? A violation is noted by or comes to the attention of a Board member. The Board reviews the violation, and then, the Board elects to act or not. Occasionally the property manager and/York vendors see a violation and report directly to York. If the Board acts, the Property Management company is notified, and the appropriate violation letter is sent to the unit owner from the Property Manager on behalf of the Board.
How are issues that the residents have reported to the town handled? Residents can approach the TOWF on personal matters, such as streetlights being out. The Board will present community issues to the Town. We currently have one on-going conversation with the TOWF. That issue is the major erosion which crosses into our property from the apartments on Pasture Walk. The issue is being monitored.
Is it possible for the Board to have open Board meetings at some point? Our managing documents created by our community developer, require Board meetings to be closed, with the exception of the annual meeting. A unit owner may request time on the Board’s bi-monthly meeting agenda on a particular topic, and that time will normally be granted. It would be very helpful to amend our Declaration document and our Bylaws document. However, this is a major task and opens the question of what other aspects of these documents would we like to amend.
What does the Board handle and what does the property management company handle?
The lists that follow are not complete but highlight the work done by our property management company and by the Board. The Board and York Property Management/Carol Slaven and her colleagues, communicate back and forth multiple times a week.
York handles dues collection, monthly financial reporting, pays invoices, arranges for bids from contractors, helps prepare the annual budget, helps prepare for and oversees the annual meeting. York also assists in providing the annual financial audit and the FHA renewal every two to three years.
The Board, with input from the various committees, develops the annual proposed budget, reviews the monthly financials to track expenses and oversees investment in CDs with good interest rates. The Board monitors and maintains the condition of the buildings and grounds, including water drainage. The Board meets twice per month to set policy, approve contracts, receive committee reports, and consider other issues including ACR and LVR approval. The Board responds to questions and concerns from the community and each Board member serves as a liaison to one or more of the various committees.
Can we separate pruning activity from lawn maintenance? Yes, the Board can make such a decision. The Landscape Committee’s Charter is to serve at the direction of the Board. Each of those listed activities are identified in our Landscaping Contract on which the cost of that service is based.
What happened to the fescue replacement program? Different construction phases of our community were provided with either fescue or Bermuda grass types, this is unfortunate. In order to replace fescue grass immediately with Bermuda, the community would need irrigation, which we lack. Over the longer term, Bermuda seed will be spread through our fescue grass by mowers, but this is a slow process.
Can the landscaping people cut the grass at different levels for different kinds of grass? Bloomsbury does set the cutting level for different kinds of grass. The present Bloomsbury Lawn Crew Supervisor has lowered the mowing blade in the predominantly Bermuda grass areas to allow that grass to spread naturally.

-- Questions from the June 1st Reception --
What will be the process of prioritization of improvements that are suggested? As you know, we invited unit owners to participate in a poll on their “top 3” improvements from the Neighbor/Board receptions. The Board published the results of the poll and will discuss action steps in a Board meeting. The Board will report its decisions to the community.
Would the board consider a mass communication system? The short answer is yes. The longer answer has to do with several questions regarding the purpose, use and cost of such a system. The Board does not have a plan or budget for such a system and does not see such a system as a high need or priority currently.
When will the board schedule a full open meeting to discuss budget proposals etc? We do not plan to have a ‘full open meeting’. We believe the recent receptions were much more effective in the quality of communication. The so called, “Town Hall Meetings” were frequently unproductive and unpleasant.
Are we anticipating any major expenses? Yes. The Board is taking a careful look at the 2021 Reserve Fund Study that has recommendations for the cost of long term maintenance. We will use the updated costs from that study in the budget process for the 2024 budget. Our current and prior budget have not met the recommended contribution to our Reserve Fund. Some significant maintenance has had to be done sooner than expected. The first buildings constructed in Villas will need roof replacement earlier than expected. The 2021 Reserve Fund Study can be viewed on the Villas’ portion of the York website under Documents.
Does the board know where the original book of resolutions is? No, but we would welcome help in locating it.
How can I get clarity about consistency of rules & regs, like plants on patio, etc.? First, check the Rules and Regulations document. Second, ask the Landscape Committee. The patios are private to the owner. There are no restrictions as to the number of potted plants or types of in ground plants. However, plants should be trimmed by the owner as no plant should be higher than the patio fence, as stated in the current Rules and Regulations. 
Is the board using the Condominium International Resource? We do refer to the CAI Board Tool Kit and the email dialogues on issues.
Where are the board minutes posted? The minutes of the Villas Board are posted on the Villas portion of the York website.
How often does the Board meet? The Board meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.
What are the goals the Board has set to be accomplished this year? The Board operates to maintain the value of our community through implementation of the Community approved budget. The Board does not have more focused annual goals.
Is the Board working on the retention pond drainage problem? Yes. We are actively working with the Town of Wake Forest, which is in communication with the owners of Caveness Farms Apartments.
Is the Board lobbying the TOWF for streetlights at the junction of Ligon Mill and BB? The TOWF was approached with this question in 2020-2021 and the Town stated that there was not enough distance between the last streetlight at the Villas and the first light on Ligon Mill. Additionally, please note that this area is not our property.
Is the Board considering going through the CAI training manual? Board members have been provided with the CAI Board Training material. The Board reviewed some of the material in its first few meetings. Board members have the opportunity to continue learn from the CAI materials at their own pace.

-- Questions from the June 6th Reception --
How can the board assist residents who can no longer work outside (weeding, etc.)? The Villas of Wake Forest is a 55 plus community for active adults. Residents can make arrangements for help on an individual basis. This is not a matter for the Board to formally involve the community in.
How are you going to keep the dues in a reasonable range as we move forward in the future of the Villas? Since 2017 the Villas dues have essentially kept pace with inflation. We are sure that there are many different definitions for what a “reasonable level” would be for the dues. The Board is responsible to create a budget that maintains the value and appearance of our properties. The community votes at the Annual Meeting to accept or reject the annual budget.
How can the Board communicate more information to the Villas in addition to the posted minutes? The Board and volunteers on behalf of the Board provide a variety of communications including The Blog, the new resident announcement and updated Villas’ directory, regular Villas’ calendar updates are provided, the Social committee communicates regularly and the Board has provided four receptions and several follow up email reports. Updates on changes to trash and recycling dates, and other pertinent information is provided by a volunteer. On occasion surveys are conducted, and occasionally letters are sent to the community.

-- Questions from the June 15th Reception --
Are there plans for residents to attend Board meetings? See above.
The Board is doing great. Thank you.
How to create more opportunities to get to know board? Board members are your neighbors please contact any of us. We are happy to listen and to represent the work of the Board. It is helpful if we or the many volunteers on the various committees can enjoy Villas social events as just residents.
Reasons pool cannot be heated more in May and September? The Pool Committee has been delegated the responsibility for the operation of the pool including determining the water temperature.
How much is in the Reserve fund and is it adequate for short and long term needs like roofs and driveway resurfacing? You can see the amount in the Reserve Fund in the Financial Reports. You can also see the Giles Reserve Fund study’s recommendations. The present and past budgeting has not provided the level of contributions to the Reserve Fund that the Giles Study recommended. As stated earlier, the Board is taking a careful look at the Giles study in its implications for next year’s budget.
Is it possible to get another internet company in here besides Spectrum? Wouldn’t that be nice. There does not seem to be a simple solution, but we would love to have a small group that would look into finding another internet company option.
Will this type of small group interactive communication continue? The Board’s impression is that the Neighbor/Board receptions were well received by those who attended. About 95 residents participated which is a very good turnout. We hope to do more of these smaller group and interactive opportunities.