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Insurance Info - IMPORTANT
Posted on Aug 30th, 2023

The following information was shared with all residents by Barney Ford, President of our COA. Please read carefully.
Do I have to buy my own insurance? Yes, you need an HO-6 Condominium Unit Owners Policy.  (Note:  if the unit is rented, the owners need a landlord’s policy. The tenant would need a Renters Policy HO4).
Does the COA (Condominium Owners Association) carry insurance? Yes, it is a Master Policy for the property and liability of the building.  Most mortgage companies require a Certificate of Insurance from the Master Policy.
The Villas of Wake Forest are REQUIRED to maintain a Master Policy paid with Annual Dues.  
The Master Policy covers replacement for the building (property) and liability coverage.  The deductible for this policy has increased to a $10,000 deductible.  Claims below the $10,000 deductible would be paid by your HO-6 policy. Claims over the $10,000 deductible may be a master policy issue and unit owners would be responsible for the paying the deductible. 
The HO-6 policy has coverage for the master deductible under coverage A (it may be called – Dwelling, Betterments and Improvements, or Additions and Alterations) please include the master deductible amount of $10,000 in your coverage calculations.
There are additional coverages to discuss with your HO-6 agent:
  1. Loss of use. If you cannot stay in your unit due to a covered peril it would pay housing expenses,
  2. Loss Assessment.  Loss Assessment coverage would cover the cost of a special assessment due to a catastrophic event,
  3. Property - The Master Property Damage Policy does not cover personal property, make sure there is coverage for your contents and personal items. 
If you need a certificate of insurance (most mortgage companies do), please contact our Master Policy Agent, Debbie Carrara.  She can be reached via email at  
If you have damage to your unit, please call our property management company, York (919-821-1350), and inform them. Then reach out to your insurance carrier.
If you have questions, we suggest that you reach out to your HO-6 insurance agent.