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Villas Blog #79
Posted on Nov 19th, 2023

Villas Blog 79
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         The big question this week is “how many times do we have to change outfits because it is suddenly too cold or too hot all within minutes or hours.  Remember the good old days when you could put shorts and T-shirts away and take out sweaters and jackets because Fall and then Winter came and stayed rather than “four seasons in four days?”
            So many thanks to the social committee and all the volunteers who made Veterans’ Day so memorable for so many.  Abundant thanks to Chick Fil A and Wegman’s who donated lunch for veterans and cake for all.  And, can we ever thank Miss Laurie enough for another entertaining afternoon with beloved songs and educational facts that were unknown to many of us.  It is truly great to see the support of our Veterans’ who gave so much.
            There is still time to reserve your spot at the Annual Christmas Party being held at Campbell Lodge on December 9 at 12:30 PM.  Checks for $30.00 person and $35.00 for a guest can be made out to, and given to Donna Turnage.  This is always one of the best events of the year with excellent food, fabulous conversations with friends and neighbors, all in a stunning atmosphere.  
            As described in a recent email from the Election Committee, we only have one Candidate for two Board seats.  Many thanks to Dan Becker for submitting his name as a candidate.  The new Board, which will be seated on December 4, 2023 will appoint someone to fill the vacant seat.   Please consider accepting this position if asked as we want to keep the value of our homes and be the place where new residents want to live.   You will also be receiving a second mailing with instructions as when to place your ballot in the box at the clubhouse. 
            The Villas Bark Park, where we regularly exercise our dogs, is experiencing some “reconstruction” of the ground in the form of “holes" created by digging pets. This has left some rather large holes that are growing in width & depth. This is unacceptable and potentially dangerous, especially if someone injures themselves by stumbling, or worse breaking a bone. Please attend to your pets and repair any holes that they create.  Thanks for your attention to this matter!
Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!
If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to either the Committee chairs or to the Board.  You will be responded to in a timely manner.
Villas Board of Directors
Pam Alig
Norm Bell
Carolyn Coordes
Barney Ford
Becky Tucci
NOTE: if you have a question or a concern for the Board, please use this website's Contact form to email them a message.