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Board Training, Code of Ethics, Revised R&R
Posted on Jan 20th, 2024

Hello Neighbors,
I hope you had a good Christmas break. It seems a long time ago already!
The Board’s first meeting of the new year was for a board training session with Hope Carmichael of the Jordan Price law firm. Ms. Carmichael’s legal practice focuses on HOA and COA law. She has done board training for many organizations including dozens of HOA and COAs. The Board chose to do this training to better understand board best practices. The training was very helpful. One result was a review of a Code of Ethics for Directors/board members. Our Board plans to adopt this code of ethics in our meeting next Monday. A copy of the Code of Ethics is pasted in below my signature.
We are encouraged to have a new landscaping company and appreciate Marlene Barnes keeping the community up to date on their work. Our discussion around landscaping led to the Board’s establishing a new addition to the Rules and Regulations.  Here it is:
“Unit owners may not mow or contract for mowing or any services in the common areas near their condominiums or anywhere in the Villas. Unit owners may contract for services within the limited common areas but must abide by the Villas Rules and Regulations for limited common areas. Owners may not make requests directly to landscaping staff.”
Please note that this new R & R allows for contracting for services in the limited common areas.
You will begin to receive via email a monthly Treasurer’s report on both our Annual Operating Budget and the Reserve Fund Budget and also an email of the minutes of each Board meeting. Please let us know if you have any questions or if it is too much email.
Lastly and personally, I hope we can come up with a brief phrase that describes the Villas. We might even have a Villas T-shirt! (at no cost to the Villas budget) If you have suggestions on whether or not to do this, edits to my first attempt, or a suggestion of your own, please let me know. Here’s my first attempt:
The Villas of Wake Forest
an attractive community of
Friendships, Fun and Service
Barney (Ford)
For the Board
Villas of Wake Forest, COA
            The Villas of Wake Forest, COA has adopted the following Code of Ethics for Directors.  The members of the Board of Directors (“Board”) shall:
  1. Strive at all times to serve the best interests of the Association as a whole regardless of their personal interests.
  2. Use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the Association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances and resources.
  3. Act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by law and the governing documents of the Association.
  4. Provide opportunities for residents to comment on decisions facing the Association.
  5. Perform their duties without bias for or against any individual or group of owners or non-owner residents.
  6. Disclose personal or professional relationships with any company or individual who has or is seeking to have a business relationship with the Association.
  7. Conduct open, fair and well-publicized elections.
  8. Always speak with one voice, supporting all duly-adopted Board decisions, even if the Board member was in the minority regarding actions that may not have obtained unanimous consent.
  9. Refrain from:
    1. Revealing confidential information provided by contractors or sharing information with those bidding for association contracts unless specifically authorized by the Board.
    2. Making unauthorized promises to a contractor or bidder.
    3. Advocating or supporting any action or activity that violates a law or regulatory requirement.
    4. Using their positions or decision-making authority for personal gain or to seek advantage over another owner or non-owner resident.
    5. Spending unauthorized Association funds for their own personal use or benefit.
    6. Accepting any gifts, directly or indirectly, from owners, residents, contractors or suppliers.
    7. Misrepresenting known facts on any issue involving Association business.
    8. Divulging personal information about any Association owner, resident or employee that was obtained in the performance of Board duties.
    9. Making personal attacks on colleagues, staff or residents.
    10. Harassing, threatening or attempting through any means to control or instill fear in any Board member, owner, resident, employee or contractor.
    11. Revealing to any owner, resident or other third party the discussions, decisions and comments made at any meeting of the Board properly closed or held in executive session.
The undersigned hereby certifies that the undersigned has reviewed in its entirety the Code of Ethics for Directors and will abide by such Code.
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Date: January 22, 2024