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Posted on Feb 1st, 2024

As a Board we are very appreciative that Marlene Barnes has continued to serve as chair and now, as the only remaining member of the Landscape Committee. Marlene’s plan for the landscape oversight and work below is fully supported by the Board. Please read it carefully and consider learning more about how you might be involved. 

Barney (Ford)
For the Board

Hi All, 

I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies that served on the Landscape Committee with me for so many years.  They are Mary King, Lynn Woodard, Carol Smith, Carol Noble and Shirley Thompson. Becky Tucci did a great job serving as our Board liaison.

We all know that landscaping is a hot issue in our neighborhood and hopefully the new landscaping company will resolve some of these issues.
We now need to build a new committee, but we haven't had anyone step up to say they will help.  Because of this I  have come up with the idea of breaking down the job into small parts in hopes that we can get neighbors to help out in some way.
Below is a list of things that need to happen to keep the landscaping in the community running smoothly. We may find more ways to break things down as we get into this plan.
  1. Buildings
    People to take on a certain amount of buildings to keep a check on. All it would require is walking around the buildings every once in a while to make sure everything is getting done.

  2. Pool
    Planting a few flowers in spring.  Making sure they are watered and weed inside the pool area as needed. (landscapers trim the bushes.)

  3. Entrance Ways
    Weeding and pruning a few  small plants that the landscapers  are not responsible for. (You would be made aware of  which plants are involved.)

  4. Clubhouse
    Weeding the beds as needed and pruning a few small plants the landscapers are not responsible for. (You would be made aware of which ones they are.)

  5. Gather bids for special  projects when needed.

  6. Someone to send reports to the community on what has been done.  (monthly)

  7. Coordinator for people to report to.

  8. Someone to work closely with me and at a later date be the contact for the landscaping crew. 
I will be holding a community meeting on Wednesday, February  7, at 11:00 a.m. at the clubhouse for people in the community who are interested in helping out in any way, big or small,  with the landscape committee.  At this meeting I will be giving more details of the jobs out lined. If you can't attend on this date, but would like to find out more about how you can help,  let me know and I will answer any questions you may have.

We all want our community look the best it can, and if enough of us take a small part of the job, it will happen.
Thank you, 
Marlene (Barnes)