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UPDATE #4 - Replacing the Roses
Posted on Feb 22nd, 2023

Feb 22, 2023
The landscapers are moving right along with the rose removal and plant replacement.  If you received new plants, remember for the next couple of weeks they need to be watered. It’s good to water them every other day if it doesn’t rain.  
If you are unable to do this please let me know.  
Thanks for your cooperation. 

Feb 16, 2023
The landscapers are here today and they will be working on mulch and also removing the rose bushes.  If you have roses bushes that you do not want taken out, be sure they have some kind of red tag on them.  Remember, if you save them they become your responsibility. 
They will be replacing the plants sometime next week. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 
Landscape Chair
January 31, 2023
Good morning, 
I wanted to give everyone an up date on what’s happening with the rose removable and replacement. 

As was mentioned in the blog, the landscape committee has located approximately 255 rose bushes.  Because of location and spacing, we will be replacing approximately 220 of them.  They will be replaced with “fire power nandinas.”  We have many of these through out the neighborhood and we feel they will add color and grow nicely. Plus they are an easy plant to care for.  
If you are one of the people in receiving them, you will be responsible for watering the plants for the first few weeks.  You will receive more instructions on this after they are planted. If you are unable to water, please let a member of the landscape committee know and we will help you. We are hoping to have work started by the end of February. 

If, for some reason, you do not like the choice of plant to replace the roses taken out of your area, you may replace them yourself at your expense. Just remember to fill out an LVR and submit it to the landscape committee. 

If you are on the list sent out earlier and your plants have been check and are not diseased, please mark them with a red ribbon or piece of yarn. 
I will keep everyone updated as I have more information. 

Thank you, 
Marlene Barnes
Landscape Chair
January 20, 2023
Hi Everyone,
The Landscape Committee has completed counting the rose bushes to the best of our ability.  Below is a list of unit numbers where we have found the bushes.  If your unit number is on the list and you are ok with us taking them out, no need to respond.  If you want to keep them and they become diseased, it will be your responsibility to remove and replace them with another type plant. Please respond to this email by Monday, January 23rd.  If you don't see your unit number on the list and you have a rose bush around your unit, please let me know.
Marlene, Committee Chair 

Blue Bird Lane

1189        1115        994         824
1185        1117        996         826
1193        1105        960         903
1179        1107        964         905
1163        1083        932         801
1159        1085        936         805
1155        1087        882         807
1145        1089        860
1144        1077        862
1146        1079        864
1137        1063        866
1136        1069        842
1126        990          844
1127        992         822

Winter Wren

1639        1645        1647        1655
1635        1649        1653        1657
1633        1663        1673        1675
1643        1677        1679        1685
1687        1689        1693        1695
January 14, 2021
Hello Everyone,
At the January meeting of the Landscape Committee, it was decided that all the original roses will be removed from the Villas.  Most of these plants are diseased and the few that are not will probably be soon.  We will be replacing these with another type of plant that has yet to be determined. Depending on spacing, we may not be replacing them one for one. 
If by chance, your roses are not diseased, and you want to keep them you may.  If they become diseased later, it will be your responsibility to remove and replace them at your expense.  Please let me know if you are choosing this option.
This project is still in the early stages. You may see members of the landscape committee walking around your unit checking the roses.
More detailed information will be given as this project begins. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 
Marlene Barnes
Landscape Committee Chair