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Super Bowl Lottery Winners - 2023
Posted on Feb 12th, 2023

Villas Lottery Winners for Super Bowl 2023
Congratulations to winners of the lottery drawings at Sunday night’s Super Bowl LVII (57).
I did my best to make everything random, but strangely there were multiple repeat winners.
All I can say - better luck next year!!
Again - congrats to the winners!
First Quarter
First Score:         Woody Fryar ($10)
Second score:     Al Karen Zack ($10)
Random square:  Woody Fryar ($10)
End Q Score:       Al Karen Zack ($20)
Second Quarter
First Score:          Woody Fryar ($10)
Second Score:      Kathy Bell ($10)
Random square:   Al Karen Zack ($10)
End Q Score:       Kathy Bell ($20)
There were no drawings for the second half of the Super Bowl.
Bob Turnage