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Villas Voice Newsletter - submission deadline
Posted on May 24th, 2019

Hello Again, Fellow Villas Residents,
The hot weather has descended upon us with a vengeance, and with it, our hopes for your input for the next newsletter are at an all-time high! Now that you've come out of your cocoon and started walking our streets again, we hope that you'll be inspired to contribute to the next issue of The Villas Voice, our quarterly newsletter that depends entirely upon contributions from YOU
So please consider letting us know about anything that might be of lasting interest to your neighbors: trips you've taken during the period March thru May, club activities, committee and board reports, suggestion for "Angel of the Quarter," and any other items of the like. We still need nominations for a dog and a cat of the quarter. And we'd like to continue the section of the newsletter called "Milestones," which will focus on really significant events in someone's life: a big birthday or an important anniversary, for example. (See, for example, the item about Carole and Ron Findley's 60th wedding anniversary in Newsletter #11.) Photos are always welcome to accompany your items (JPEG format, please.)
We're shooting for a publication date of mid-June, so the cutoff date for submissions will be no later than June 10th. For inspiration and ideas, please check previous issues of the newsletter under the "Social" tab on the Villas website.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Joan and Jim Major
Co-Editors, The Villas Voice