Please submit any new questions to:
  • Barney Ford, chair of the COA Board
  • Bob Turnage, website admin

  • chevron_rightWhat is the password for the Clubhouse WIFI ?
    October 2023:
    The old internet Wifi router (from 2016) will be turned off - Oct 29th (tentatively).
    A new internet Wifi router was purchased and installed. 
    The new router supports WiFi 6E, has better security and coverage, and will automatically detect the best WiFi protocol for your device.
    If you have any questions, contact Bob Turnage.
    The wifi connection details are:
    • Network ID: Clubhouse2023 (capital C, no spaces)
    • Password:    Villas2023            (capital V, no spaces)
    Sept 2016:
    The Clubhouse internet router is now managed by the HOA Board - Wayne Wachtstetter at this time. Contact him if you have any questions.
    Network ID:   VillasCH989
    Password:     CH989EA6900b
    The password is a mixture of upper and lower case letters.
    It must be typed in exactly.
    The router uses WPA/WPA2 security protocol.
    FYI - the WiFi password is also posted on the UPPER LEFT side of the bulletin board in the Clubhouse.
  • chevron_rightCluster Mailbox Guidelines - March 2021
    Every resident will be assigned a Cluster Box (CBU) door with a unique number.
    • Residents in Buildings 1 thru 14 will be assigned numbers from 1 to 56 for the Cluster Box doors at the lower end of Blue Bird
    • Residents of Buildings 15 thru 36 plus the Clubhouse will be assigned numbers 1-89 for the Cluster Box doors on Winter Wren.
    • The CBU doors are assigned in ascending street address number, starting with the lowest address.  This is a Post Office requirement. 
    • Residents in Buildings 24, 25, 34, 35 and 36 will keep the same Cluster Boxes and doors as they already have, the numbers may change, instead of 1-8 and 1-12, they will be 1-20.
    Each resident will receive 3 keys to their door. 
    • They are responsible for the keys, there are no other copies.
    • Should all 3 keys be misplaced or lost, the only way to get into your mail box is to go to the Post Office in Wake Forest with proper identification and for $25 they will install a new lock and provide new keys.
    • When someone purchases a home and moves in, they need to obtain the CBU keys from the seller.  If the seller doesn’t provide keys, the new resident will have to go to the Post Office and pay the $25 fee to have a new lock installed. 
    There will be 6 large package doors, P1 thru P6 in the CBUs on Blue Bird and 9 package doors in the CBUs on Winter Wren, P1 thru P9. 
    • When the carrier delivers you a package he/she will place the key to the package door in your mail box.  After you open the package door and remove your package, leave the key in the package door lock for the next time a package is delivered.
    • If there are more residents receiving packages than doors, the carrier will deliver it to your front door. 
    On each Cluster Box is an Outgoing mail slot.  You can place outgoing mail in the slot for the carrier to pick up daily.
    If you have a package that won’t fit in the Outgoing Mail slot, you can drop it off at the Post Office or contact the Post Office on-line and they will pick it up at your home during their normal delivery time.  https://tools.usps.com/schedule-pickup-steps.htm
    You cannot drive up to the Cluster Box and reach out the car window to retrieve you mail, which would be very dangerous and illegal. You can walk to the CBUs or park your car nearby and walk to the CBUs. 
    You should check your mail every 3 to 4 days at least.  If you receive newspapers and magazines, it is possible for the box to fill up quickly.  In that case the mail will be sent back to the Post Office awaiting you to pick it up.  After 10 days it is returned to sender as undeliverable.
    Also when you are going to be away for 3 days or more you can contact the Post Office and get a Vacation Hold for up to 30 days.  This can be done at the Post Office or on-line.  Or you can ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.
    If all members of your household are physically incapable of retrieving the mail you can request door delivery.
    • You must be a disabled person who lives alone at your address, or there must be no other able-bodied adult occupant at your house who could get your mail for you.
    • In other words, if all the people at your address are disabled adults, and cannot walk or drive to your present mailbox daily, then you may qualify for “hardship mail delivery.”
    • To request door delivery, you must obtain a statement from your doctor explaining why you and anyone else living in your home are unable to collect your mail from a centralized mailbox and you need to write a letter to the Wake Forest Postmaster requesting this change.
    • Both your letter and the doctor's statement must be sent to the Post Office that delivers your mail for approval or denial.
    224 E Holding Ave, Wake Forest, NC 27587
    • Final determination on whether or not door delivery will be granted will be made by the Post Office.  This certification needs to be done every year. 
    • Once you receive approval from the Post Office to receive door delivery, contact the COA and a mail box will be installed near your door.
    The U.S. Postal Service has an on-line free service that enables you to view what mail you will be receiving that day.
    • Informed Delivery is a free and optional notification feature that gives residential customers the ability to digitally preview their letter-sized mail scheduled to arrive soon. Informed Delivery allows users to view what is coming to their mailbox on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  This includes most standard sized letters processed by automated sorting machines.  Magazines, catalogs and junk mail are processed differently and do not appear in Informed Delivery notification.
    • Informed Delivery is now available to eligible residential and eligible PO Box™ consumers in the majority of ZIP Code™ locations across the country. Visit informeddelivery.USPS.com to sign up for the feature. 
Street repairs
  • chevron_rightHow do I get a streetlight fixed ?
    The town of Wake Forest website has page named "Report A Problem". A resident can use this page to report a problem or state an issue for multiple topics. One of topics is "street light out".
    The website page address is:
    Select the above address and use the "Report..." feature to describe the problem and submit it. The site even supports the ability to upload a picture of the problem when you report it.
    The property management firm, currently York Properties, also uses the above website to report the problem to Wake Forest. So, you can cut out the "middleman" and report the problem directly.
    If you have additional questions, you can contact the community Board or York Properties.
  • chevron_rightVillas Power Failure? Call 919-761-7899
    Please don't wait for a neighbor to call. The more calls received by Wake Forest Power, the more immediate the response should be.
    The number to call is 919-761-7899. It will be an automated response, and at the end of the automated portion, you can leave a personal message addressing any personal impact on you or your family, for example medical equipment that requires electricity.
  • chevron_rightHelp - I can’t remember the social website address
    NOW AVAILABLE - An easy to remember social website address
    NEW as of 2023-May-17:
    The website address was just updated. So now you can use either website address - the “new” easy to remember internet address above or the “current” internet address that still contains the “…COA” suffix that so many of us forget.
    So - the question “Where do I live?” is an easy way to remember the website address.
    The “old” address is still available for a few months and can still be used for a while.
    Unfortunately, as it goes with technology, there may a small “gotcha” for a few people.
    I tested the new and old addresses on multiple computers and smart phones, mine and several neighbors. On a few devices belonging to neighbors, when the OLD address was first typed into their web browser (Google Chrome, MS Edge), a WARNING message page was displayed. The warning message was one of two types:
    • that you are attempting to go to a website that may not be safe, or…
    • your website connection “may not be private”.
    This message is because the security is now implemented at the NEW address but not the old address. (There is NO website at the old address so there is no way to implement security there.) And your computer is warning you that you are jumping from a less secure website to a more secure one. There is nothing wrong - this is JUST a warning.  You should look for a link within the warning message webpage that allows you to proceed on the current address.

    Once you proceed past the warning and get to the current website address the first time, the warning should not occur again.
    So far, there is no way to predict which devices or browsers will display the warning as there are multiple programs and settings that affect this situation.
    Contact me if you have any questions.
    Bob Turnage
    Social Website Admin
    May 2023
  • chevron_rightHelp me learn about my neighbors and community (Website tutorial)
    There are two pages on the community website to help you learn about the Villas community and its residents. There is a third page to show the activities available to the residents.
      • a multi-page list of the residents
      • several maps of the neighborhood, including names and addresses
    • AUTOMATICALLY PREPARED: a list of residents created using data from their login profiles; the list can be sorted by resident last name or address. Search features are available to look for someone specific. 
    • SOCIAL CALENDAR: this page is a list of activities, events, and meetings going on in the community.
    The social calendar webpage is the one of the most interest to residents. It contains both the social events and activities of the Villas. Additionally, it also contains the meetings of various committees and the Board of Directors.
    The calendar webpage is divided into the following parts:
    • a header explaining about the PRINT and EXPORT features of the calendar;
    • the body of the calendar for each month, formatted like a normal wall calendar;
    • a list of all the activities and events appearing on the calendar.
    The calendar events are maintained by the website administrator, or an event can be submitted by a resident for approval. The calendar items are reviewed monthly by the activity coordinators, meeting chairs, and the Board of Directors.  After the monthly reviews, the community residents are told the monthly calendar is available for use, printing, or exporting. See the other Q&As for more information or printing or exporting.
    The three items below are available to help learn who the residents in the Villas community are and where they are located. From the website menu, select the item “Social” and then the sub-menu item “Res.Directory & Maps (PDFs)”. The three documents below are maintained manually by volunteers and are updated as the number of changes in residents become significant. Select the link below to be taken to that webpage. As the webpage contains detailed contact information, you will be prompted to login first.
      + Item 1: resident directory document (suitable for printing)
      + Item 2: community map with just building and street numbers
      + Item 3: community map with just resident last names
    Another webpage to learn about the residents and to search for them is the webpage found under the menu item “Social” and then the sub-menu item “Res.Directory-Profile based”. This information is automatically prepared from the data available in each user's website account (or profile) - their login and contact details for the community website. The information is updated automatically whenever the user's profile is updated.
    By default, the list of residents is sorted by last names. But notice that each column of information in the table has “little up/down” arrows beside it. That means you can sort the information by street number as a to help find the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the people who live around you.
    Besides sorting, it is also possible to search for someone specific by selecting the "Select Equal" buttons and entering details like:
        "First Name" "Contains" "bob" and select "Run Filter"
    Select the link below to be taken to that webpage. As the webpage contains detailed contact information, you will be prompted to login first.

  • chevron_rightHow to create a shortcut for the social website (Updated)
    It only takes a few minutes / 5-6 steps to create a shortcut icon for the Villas social website on your smartphone. Once completed, no more typing in the long website address every time. And no more typing errors to deal with.
    AND... then you are just a click away to find out the community calendar activities, news, or upcoming events for the neighborhood.
    Social website address: https://www.VillasOfWakeForest.com
    Steps for Android phones:
    1. Start Chrome web browser. (It must be Chrome for Androids.)
    2. Enter the social website address (see above) - be sure the address is without “…COA”. There are NO SPACES in the address - its all one word. Then select GO.
    3. Look for and click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of screen.
    4. Scroll through choices and select menu item - Add to Home Screen.
    5. Suggested but not required - edit the shortcut name to just “Villas”. Select Done or Add.
    An icon should appear on phone screen that now a direct link to the social website. No typing required to use it.
    Steps for Apple iPhone or iPad has 2 differences (#1 and #3):
    1. Start the Safari web browser. It must be Safari for Apple.
    2. Enter the social website address (see above) - be sure the address is without “…COA”. There are NO SPACES in the address - its all one word. Then select GO.
    3. Look at the very bottom of the Apple phone or iPad screen. Look for and select the icon that is a rectangle with arrow out the top.
    4. Scroll through choices and select menu item - Add to Home Screen.
    5. Suggested but not required - edit the shortcut name to just “Villas”. Select Done or Add.
    An icon should appear on phone screen that now a direct link to the social website. No typing required to use it.
    Any questions?
    Contact Bob Turnage, Admin for the social website 
  • chevron_rightHow can I submit items to the social website? (Website tutorial)
    A Villas resident is allowed to submit the following types of information to the social website:
    Click the link for the desired category. Each one of the category pages has a hyperlink to request a new item be added in the above categories. Enter in the information requested for that category and select the SUBMIT button. Categories #2, #3, and #4 allow a photo(s) to be included with the submitted information. All of the above categories are under the "Social" menu item.
    Once submitted, an email is sent to the website Administrator to review and approve the item. Once approved, the new item is then visible on the website.
    Excluding recipes, the other 3 categories are given an expiration date.
    You must be logged into the website to do the submission of any of the above items. Every Villas resident has an account that was created by the Administrator. If you are not sure of your account details, please contact the website administrator - Bob Turnage.
  • chevron_rightHow do I view the social calendar on my Smartphone? (Website tutorial)
       Follow the photo steps below.
    FYI - while photos show how to do this
    on an Apple iPhone, the steps are the
    same for an Android phone. For an
    Android phone, just use the CHROME
    web browser instead of
    Apple's iPhone Safari.
    Web address:
    .....  Done ....
  • chevron_rightHow do I print the social calendar? (Website tutorial)
                   Watch this YouTube video
                   Follow the instructions below
    Below are 3 sequential screen captures to show how to print the monthly social calendar on a single page. Please note that to make the calendar "fit" on one printed page, the letters may be to small to read.  You may want to reset the feature "Scalability" to 100% to prepare a normal sized printout that could require two pages.
    Screen shot #1
    • Open your web browser (like Chrome) and enter the address "VillasOfWakeForest.com"
    • (1) Select the menu item "Calendar".
    • This opens a new window that displays the monthly social calendar.
    • (2) Review the month displayed.
    • If needed, use the corner arrows (<< or >>) to back up or advance to the desired month.
    • (4) Select the link for "Print".
    Screen shot #2a  (MS Windows 10)
    • Confirm that your local printer is selected. (1)
    • Modify the settings for "Pages" to 1 for the pages to be printed. (2) Again, note the number of pages needed depends on how big the “scale value” used below.
    • Select the link for "More settings". (3)  Once selected, more choices with be displayed.
    • If necessary, select the value desired for the margins of the print - "Default" is typical. (4) 
      NOTE: the LEFT margin for printout may need adjusting some of the text is chopped off.
    • To make the printout fit on a single page of paper, adjust the numeric value of "Scale". (5)  For most months with a moderate number of events, a custom numeric scale value of 70-85% is typically needed.
    • Select the "Print" button (6) to print the calendar.
    Screenshot #2b (Apple iPad)
    Below is a similar dialog box for printing the calendar using an Apple iPad smart tablet. The dialog box may be slightly different and may or may not have the same features. The features vary depending on the type of printer or the version of the iPad operating system. The key feature needed for printing the calendar on a single page of paper is "Scale" or "Scaling".
    Note the left margin of the dialog box. Only Page 1 will be printed (5) once all the settings are entered properly. (The pages in gray will NOT be printed.)
    Screen shot #3
    Once the print button was selected, the printed output should be similar to the picture below.  Remember - if the letters on the printout are to small to read, adjust the scale back to 100%.
    (Updated 2023-March-26)
                   Watch this YouTube video
                   Read the instructions below
  • chevron_rightHow do I copy a social calendar event(s) to my personal calendar? (Website tutorial)
    How to copy some or all calendar events
    • These steps must be done using the phone or tablet that you wish to store the calendar event on.
    • A copy of an event is JUST that - a copy. If the calendar event is changed later, your copy will NOT be updated.
    Watch this YouTube video: Copying a category of events for a month to an iPhone  
    1. After opening the website for the Villas Of Wake Forest, select the menu item "Calendar".
    2. Using the scroll buttons in the left or right corners (2a or 2b), scroll to display the month of interest (2c). Or, use the two droplists for the Month and Year to do the same thing.
      3. The following choices are available for exporting (copying) some or all of the selected calendar month of events to a different calendar:
    3a. To copy all events for the month of interest, leave the "Category" droplist set to the value "View All".
    Then, select the hyperlink "Export Month to Calendar".
    3b. To copy multiple calendar events for a particular category from the month of interest, select the "Category" droplist, followed by choosing the category of interest.
    Then, select the hyperlink "Export Category to Calendar".
    3c. To copy (export) only a single calendar event, select that event in the calendar.
    Once that event is displayed, select the hyperlink "Export this Event".
      4. A final 1-2 steps will then be displayed on your phone or tablet, telling you to save the events to your device. Depending on if you are using an Android or an Apple device, the steps may vary.
      5. Once complete, the events can now the seen as part of your calendar on your device.
  • chevron_rightQR Codes ? What are they? How to use them?
    QR Codes ? What are they? How to use them?
    QR is short for "Quick Response". By definition, they are 2-dimensional bar codes that contain information that may be of interest to you, like a webpage for a restaurant's menu or more details on a commercial product . The codes were "invented" as smartphones with "smart" cameras became popular. By just scanning the code with your smartphone camera, you don't have to type anything in. Typing mistakes can't happen.
    Almost all codes in use contain an address on the internet. By using your smartphone camera to "scan" the code, you are quickly directed to that internet address. Again - no typing, no mistakes.
    NOTE: Like everything else on the internet, hackers have found ways to abuse QR codes. The hacker can claim to be directing you to a particular address only to really direct you to somewhere different. Always use care if you are scanning a code in an unfamiliar location.
    For the Villas social website, the following QR codes were prepared that direct you to the following webpages:
       - Home
       - Social calendar
       - News
       - Upcoming events
    The picture below can be printed and posted on your frig. Thus, community news and social items of interest can be displayed quickly.
  • chevron_rightTIP - simplify logging on to the two websites (Website tutorial)
    Several of you have asked what is the easiest way to keep your accounts straight between the York Properties website (used mostly for financial and business purposes) and the original Villas website (used mostly for social purposes).
    York Properties website requires that the username for their accounts be an email address. So I suggest that you use the same email address and password for BOTH websites to keep from being confused.
    Here is the website address for York Properties. If you have not done so already, each Villas homeowner needs to create an account with York. Once you have created your account, you must then log in to York Properties website before you can see any pages or content.
    If you have questions regarding the York website, please contact the York staff members listed on the home page of our website.
    Below are "screen capture" steps to follow to change your username and password for the "social website".
    When complete, you only need to remember one set of account details for both sites.  
    You are welcome to contact me if you want help with the "social" website.
    Bob Turnage
  • chevron_rightWhy can’t I see the menu items on the Villas website?
    There are two possible reasons for this problem:
    • You are using a small screen device, like a smartphone
    • Your web browser zoom feature is set to >100%
    Unfortunately, there is no way to improve the menu views of the website on a small screen.
    For example, a smartphone display the social website home page will show an icon / button on the right side of the screen that looks like three stacked horizontal lines. See the picture below. Once you select / click that button, a droplist of menu items will be displayed.  You can then select the page of interest from that droplist.
    Many internet web browsers have the ability to zoom in (magnify) your computer screen. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.
    THE GOOD THING: If you have weak eyesight (like I do), magnifying your web browser screen helps you see pictures and text better.
    THE BAD THING (for the Villas website): If you magnify the web browser more than 125%, most of the website menu items become to large to display and simply stop working.
    EXAMPLE: If the screen magnification is set at 150%, you will see only the word “Menu” instead of the individual menu items of “Home | Social Calendar | Documents...”. Subsequently, if you select the word “Menu” followed by the one of menu items like “Documents” - nothing happens.
    If this behavior happens, find the “Settings” function within your web browser. Within the “Settings”, look for the feature “Magnify...” or Zoom...”. Adjust the value to 125% or less. The Villas website menu functions should now begin to work as expected.
York Properties Transition
  • chevron_rightMaintenance / York Work Orders for Repairs
    The following was written by Dick Webb / Facilities Team and distributed to the Villas community by email in January. It is being reposted here to assist residents for getting needed repairs done. Please contact York Properties staff (info on this site's home page) if you have questions or need assistance.
    Distributed: 30-Jan-2021
    As I'm sure you know, we are now using York Properties as our COA management company. Because of this we will no longer be using the Villas work request system. Instead we are using the York work order system. Under this system both Villas related and personal work can be submitted. Villas related work will be charged to the Villas and personal work in your home will be billed to you. Of course, for personal work you can use your own vendors to do the work rather than York's as you choose. To help you determine what work falls under the Villas and what you are responsible for I've included a copy of our Maintenance Responsibility Guide. A copy is also on our Villas social website.
    There are three ways to submit a work order now that we are with York Properties as our COA management company. Here they are in order of preference.
    1. Sign on to the York Villas of Wake Forest website at york.cincwebaxis.com and login. (See the screen share picture below) Under Account Info click on Work Order , there is a simple form to fill out to enter your request. If you have not previously registered, on the opening page, in the upper right corner, is a login/ registration option.
    2. Contact York Properties directly during business hours at 919-821-1350 and press option 3 for York Maintenance. They are available 24/7 for on-site maintenance issues and after-hours emergencies such as flooding or leaks.
    3. Email York Maintenance at maintenance@yorkproperties.com and cc: associationmanagement@yorkproperties.com.  This will notify the maintenance department as well as Mary and Beth of your situation and a work order will be opened once your message is received.
    As always the Villas Facilities Team is available to help you if you run into difficulties with your work order. Please print a copy of this email and the attachment and keep it handy.
    Dick Webb
    Log in to the website.
    Select "Account info."
    Select "Work Orders."
    Select "Add Work Order."