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   - 2024 -

2924-07-12 Unforgettable Sock Hop
  (Shared by Kathee Bailey)

2024-07-12 Sock Hop Party
  (link expires Aug 12)

2024-07-xx 1950s Jigsaw Puzzle
This jigsaw puzzle  by Roy Summers captures many of the celebrities, events, and popular activities of the 1950s.
After the Sockhop event in July, photos of the event will replace this album.
2024-05-27 Memorial Day Celebration
A big thank you to Marti for most of these photos!  
And to all the Villas residents who worked so hard in the humidity, donated edibles, cleaned up, set up and made this special event happen.  
-- Kathee and the Social Committee  
2024-04-13 The Drifters Concert
Send any photos you wish to add to Bob Turnage
2024-04-08 Solar Eclipse
Special thanks to Karen Zack and Stephen Cannon (drone photos)
2024-03-15  St Patrick's Day Music and Fun
“A Party it Was” special thanks to all who helped, donate drinkables and edibles and made this an event to be remembered!  Happy St. Pat’s Day!

   - 2023 -

2023-12-22 Miscellaneous Photos
2023-12-09 Holiday Party
2023-11-30 Luminaries and Memories - A Night To Remember
  • Special thanks to Cynthia Rizzo in her creation of the candle lighting program and Pat Gillingham for her lettering of the luminaries (there were over 100 this year).  And of course Laurie who is a true gift to this community.

2023-11-11 Veterans Day Celebration 
2023-10-25 Spookadelicous Potluck Dinner
  • Thanks to Carol Noble the Chef and Roy Summers the Jokester for the entertainment!  
  • We had an event to remember with great food and costumes!
      Kathee and the Social Committee
2023-10-13 Oktoberfest
  • What a beautiful evening at the Villas last night.  
  • Many thanks to the VFW for serving us.  
    Kathee and Social Committee
2023-09-16 Ice Cream Social
  • What a great turnout!
2023-09-07 An Evening With Laurie
2023-09-01 Pizza Party
  • Welcome Newcomers 
  • Thank You Volunteers
2023-05-29 Memorial Day Celebration
  • Many thanks to Terry Pike, those that baked and those that helped.
  • Al and facility guys set the unusual stage graced by:
    • wonderful Laurie Gartland
    • Ron Anderson
    • Roy Summers
    • Barney Ford
  • About 95 Villas residents participated and managed not to get wet!
2023-05-05 Cinco de Mayo in the Villas

2023-04-30 A Little Bit of Country, Rock n Roll, and Great Food
2023-03-16 St Patrick’s Day Party
2023-02-21 Gentlemen’s Feast (Only VIEW photos)
                     Gentlemen's Feast (Join the album, add photos to it)
  • A nice crowd of 32 steak loving men attended, and were treated like royalty by the Villas lady volunteers.
  • The food was superior thanks to Terry Pike and Susan Hoekstra along with the Villas bakers.

   - 2022 -

2022-12-31 Happy New Year gathering
  • Thanks for the entertainment, Carol Noble & Marvin Etheridge 
2022-12-17 Villas Holiday Party (Campbell Lodge)
2022-12-02 Memory Tree Lighting Celebration
2022-11-10 Thanks To Our Veterans
  • Many thanks to Karen Zack and Shirley Neal for coordinating the event
2022-10-15 Oktoberfest on a beautiful fall day
2022-10-12 Mermaid Luncheon
  • A "thank you" to Terry Pike for the aquatic classes
2022-10-09 Villas Tea
  • Florals were compliments of Wegmans and designed by Nadine with one very large vase from Frank Leech and daughter JoAnne.
  • We celebrated Frank’s wife Maureen who brought the very first Tea to the Villas in 2015.
  • Enjoy the photos, add more to the link, and please make comments on them if you wish.
2022-09-29 Pot Luck Dinner
  • Fantastic food prepared by our Villas chefs and lots of laughs thanks to our entertainers Roy Summers and Carole Noble, made for a great pre-Hurricane party last night.  
  • Thanks to the chefs, set-up and clean-up crews, we had another great evening at the Villas of Wake Forest.  Photo credits  to Super volunteer Carole Noble.
2022-09-24 Ice Cream Social
  • Thanks to Terry Pike and all that worked to make our Sundaes perfect!
2022-05-30 Memorial Day Gathering
2022-05-11 CockaDoodle Moo Gathering
2022-04-23 Welcome Newcomers & Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party


   - 2021 -

2021-12-11 Holiday Party - Campbell Lodge at Durant Nature Park
2021-11-30 Memory Tree Lighting Celebration
2021-11-11 Veterans Day Celebration / Redneck BBQ Lab Food Truck
2021-10-28 Halloween / Food Truck - Gettin' Sauced
2021-10-14 Oktoberfest
                  Great weather. Great food. Great gathering!!
                  Thanks VFW for making it a success!
2021-09-03 Friday At 5
                  Outside gathering.
                  Beautiful day... Beautiful people.
2021-08-19 Hale Yeah! Food Truck Event
                  It was SO good...
2021-08-07 Cock-A-Doodle-Moo Food Truck
                  Happiness is living at the Villas of Wake Forest
2021-07-23 Hoedown with Mill Crest Gang
                  Combined with the Redneck BBQ Lab Food Truck
                  What a great evening!
2021-07-03 Happy Birthday America!!
2021-07-02 Villas Ladies sew for the premies 
2021-06-24 Goodness Grace Us - Food Truck
2021-06-01 Wine tasting at WF Wine 101
                  (What a happy happy group...)
2021-05-29 Lumpy's Ice Cream & A Lovely Day
2021-05-15 Gettin' Sauced Food Truck
2021-05-01 May Day at the Villas with Charlie's Kabobs Food Truck
2021-04-18 Spring/Pizza Social on the Lawn - Welcome New Neighbors!!
2021-03-14 St Patrick's Day Food Truck event - The Paddy Wagon - and the Time Capsule Event

   - 2020 -

2020-12-13 Santa Food Truck - Brunch/Lunch
2020-12-02 Lighting Up the Villas (We Remember Them)
2020-11-19 Honoring Those Who Served (Veterans Celebrations)
2020-10 -11 Fall in the Villas - give me your best shot...
2020-10-24 Truck or Treat: A Villas Halloween
2020-10-09 Oktoberfest by way of the VFW Food Truck
2020-10-03 Ice Cream Social - A Beautiful Day in the neighborhood
2020-09-19 Charlie's Kabobs Food Truck - a cool September day
2020-09-05 Redneck BBQ Food Truck & Hoedown
2020-08-15 Fiori Trattoria Food Truck - It Poured & We Endured
2020-08-09 Lumpy's Ice Cream Truck visits the Villas again
2020-08-01 Goodness Grace Us - What a Luau!!
2020-07-18 Hale Yeah Food Truck & Carols Creations
2020-07-04 Red White and Blueberry with the Dave Spencer Band
2020-07-03 VFW Chuck Wagon Cookout and Celebration
2020-06-20 CockADoodleMoo Night - Food Truck at the Villas
2020-06-06 Food Truck Hangout at the Villas
2020-06-05 Donut Day In The Villas
2020-05 Villas' Memorial Day Parade
2020-05 Lumpy's Ice Cream in the Villas
2020-02 Super Bowl gathering at the Clubhouse 

   - 2019 -

2019-12-31 New Year's Eve Party
2019-12-05 Villas Holiday Party
2019-11-22 Preparing Crafts and Decorations for the Villas Holiday Party
2019-11-11 Honoring Our Military Veterans
2019-11 Fancy Friday at 5
2019-10 Iron Chef Villas Dinner Club
2019-09 Friday at 5
2019-06 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
2019-07 Villas Ice Cream Social
2019-05 Clubhouse Cleaning
2019-05 Garden Club - Spiffing Up the Clubhouse Grounds
2019-05 The S’Mores Have It
2019-05 Kentucky Derby Party
2019-03 Italian Night for the Villas Dinner Club

   - 2018 -

2018 - New Year’s Eve Celebration
2018 - December Holiday Party
2018 - November Villas Club Dinner
2018 - Veterans Day Celebration
2018 - Craft Show & Sale
2018 - Halloween Gathering 
2018 - The Wall That Heals
2018 - October Garden Club - Bonsai Gardening
2018 - August Villas Dinner Club
2018 - August Ice Cream Social
2018 - June Garden Club Meeting - Neighborhood Walk Around
2018 - Get to Know Your Neighbor Better Brunch (June 16th)
2018 - Kentucky Derby Party (May 5th)
2018 - April Garden Club Road Trip
2018 - April Villas Dinner Club gathering
2018 - Ron Finley Sculpting (March Men’s Night Out)
2018 - Super Bowl 52 Party - Gathering
2018 - January Book Club - Diane Chamberlain visits


   - 2017 -

2017 - New Year’s Eve Gathering

2017 - Villas Dinner Club Holiday Party

2017 - Ladies' Holiday Lunch

2017 - Veteran's Day Celebration (Friday at 5)

2017 - Halloween Party

2017 - October Garden Club visits Duke Gardens

2017 - Iron Chef Oktoberfest Club Dinner

2017 - October Garden Club - tours the NC State Fair Garden Section

2017 - September Garden Club - Making a Fall Wreath

2017 - August Ice Cream Social

2017 - August All Hands Update

2017 - August: Welcome Home Bill Denton

2017 - July Villas Social Club Dinner

2017 - June Garden Club - Master Gardener

2017 - Villas Club Cookout Dinner

2017 - May Garden Club - Fresh Plantings for the Clubhouse

2017 - April Garden Club - Mums Presentation

2017 - St Patrick's Day Party

2017 - Villas Views

2017 - Men's Group Field Trip - NC Auto Show

2017 - Garden Club February Meeting - JC Raulston Arboretum presentation

2017 - Book Club January Meeting - Diane Chamberlain (Pretending to Dance)


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