Managing / Governing Docs
In early 2021, the Board of Directors made the decision that "this" website will be used predominantly for social information and news. Business documents will be moved to the York Properties website. For now, these documents are available on both sites.
You will need to establish an account with York Properties.
If you need help, please contact York staff.
Their contact information is provided on this page of this site.
Once logged into the York site, select the menu bar  choice for "Documents".
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Updated: 21-Mar-2021

Frequently Needed Documents

    (filename: 2023-04-25 Pool Regulations and Rules.pdf)
    (as of 25-April-2023)
    (filename: 2023-01-01 Clubhouse Rental Agreement.pdf)
    (as of 01-Feb 2023)
     (filename: 2021-03-10 Architectural Application 20210310.pdf)
     (as of March 2021)
     (Filename: Landscaping Variance Request master 2021-02-01.pdf)
     (As of 01--Feb-2021)
Appendix A (Landscaping)
     (Filename: Appendix A 2019-08-18)
     (As of 26 August 2019)
In early 2021, it was agreed to use the York Properties "work order" process and to stop using the Villas "Repair - Request Form".
Please see the information on the header of this page.
Once logged into the York Properties website, select the menu function for "Account Info > Work Orders".
Repair Request Letter / Instructions - link removed 2020-01-26; revision pending
    (filename: Repair Requests Letter to Villas.pdf)
    (as of 08 July 2019)
Repair - Request Form - link removed 2021-01-26 - revision pending
    (file name: Work Request Form 2020-10-12)
    (as of 10-12-2020)
Maintenance Responsibility Guide
    (filename: Maintenance Guide 20220124 Approved.pdf)
    (as of 24-Jan-2022)
(section last updated 01-Feb-2023)

EMS Response - Medical Information Form

This form is intended to provide an EMS team with the needed information to respond to a medical problem. It is up to the individual completing this form to determine what information will or will not be provided. Please print the form and complete the appropriate information in advance to be prepared for a medical emergency.
(last updated 22 Jan 2019)

Community Management Documents

Current Rules and Regulations of the Villas                                                                        
    (filename: 2023-02-28 Rules and Regulations.pdf)
    (Board approved - Feb 28, 2023)
Mediation Notice
    (filename: 2013-07-01 Mediation Notice.pdf)
    (North Carolina law as of 01 July 2013)
    (filename: 2017-02 Assessment Collection Policy.pdf)
    This document defines the rules for collection of COA dues by owners.
    (as of February 2017)
    (filename: 2022-09-16 Certificate of Insurance.pdf)
    (as of November 2022)
(section last updated 03-Mar-2023)

Governing Documents

In 2007, Cornerstone builders of Virginia filed its first of many legal documents for the building and management of the community to be called "The Villas of Wake Forest". Over the next 9-10 years, numerous additions and changes were made to those legal documents.
Please contact a community Board member if you have questions or want more information.

Initial Legal Documents creating / defining the community:
Additions and Changes to the "Articles..." and "Declaration..." documents:
  • Access Easement Agreement
      (filename: AccessEasementPrivatePublic.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 28-Mar-2007)
  • 1st amendment
      (filename: VMG WF 1st Amendment to Decclaration-Leins,
                          Defects and Encumbrances.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 16-Mar-2007)
  • 2nd amendment
      (filename: Bylawamendelection(d)removed.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 26-Mar-2010)
  • 3rd amendment
      (filename: LeasingDeclAmend.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 20-Nov-2013)
  • 4th amendment:
      (filename: DeclAmend4th.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 13-Nov-2014)
  • 5th amendment:
      (filename: VMG Amendment to By-Laws to increase Board Size.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 14-Oct-2016)

(section last updated 03-Mar-2023)