To improve communication and transparency with the Villas residents, in August 2023, the Board of Directors reversed a previous decision of 2021. Moving forward, significant documents will be maintained on this website. All such documents have been copied and migrated from the York Properties website. 
With the exception of financial statements and personal contact information, no login is needed for THIS website to see and read these documents.
York Properties and their contact information is provided on this page of this site.
—  Updated: 16-November-2023  —

In early 2021, the Board of Directors made the decision that "this" website will be used predominantly for social information and news. Business documents will be moved to the York Properties website. For now, these documents are available on both sites.
You will need to establish an account with York Properties.
If you need help, please contact York staff.
Their contact information is provided on this page of this site.
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Updated: 21-Mar-2021

Community Management Documents

     (filename: 2021-03-10 Architectural Application 20210310.pdf)
     (as of March 2021)
Clubhouse Swimming Pool Rules
The pool rules are now a subsection of the Rules & Regulation document. See section 11 for details.
Clubhouse Rental documents (multiple)
In June 2024, all documents related to Clubhouse rental rules were updated by the Clubhouse Committee. The Clubhouse Committee is now responsible for all rental activities. (York Properties is no longer involved.)
Currently, Nanette Hill is the Committee representative responsible for collecting all COMPLETED forms and payments for a Clubhouse rental request. Contact her with any questions. 
Once the request is approved, a reservation will then be added to the community social calendar.
    (filename: 2017-02 Assessment Collection Policy.pdf)
    This document defines the rules for collection of COA dues by owners.
    (as of February 2017)
     (Filename: Landscaping Variance Request master 2021-02-01.pdf)
     (As of 01-Feb-2021)
     (Filename: 2023-08-16 Appendix A)
     (As of 23-August-2023)
Maintenance Responsibility Guide
    (filename: 2023-11-24 Maintenance.pdf)
    (as of 25-Nov-2023)
Mediation Notice
    (filename: 2013-07-01 Mediation Notice.pdf)
    (North Carolina law as of 01 July 2013)
    (filename: 2023-02-28 Rules and Regulations.pdf)
    (Board approved - Feb 28, 2023)
(section last updated 27-June-2024)

Master Insurance Policy

Below are listed the combination of all the insurance policies and should be referred to as the Master Policy. The policies are for September 2023 through September 2024.
These documents are being posted to meet the governing documents requirements of our community if and when they are requested by a unit owner: Certificate of Insurance and Master Policy
Unit owner insurance agents will be the ones who will want to see these documents.
— Updated as of 02-Nov-2023 —

    (filename: 2023-09-27 Certificate of Insurance for Full Assn - York.pdf)
    (as of Sept 2023)

Tailored Protection Policy
   (Filename: 2023 TPP.pdf)
9123 Amendment Named Insured Endorsement
   (Filename: 9123 Amend NI Endorsement.pdf)
Villas of Wake Forest Endorsement
   (Filename: Villas of Wake Forest Endorsement.pdf)
Umbrella Insurance Policy
   (Filename: 2023 umbrella.pdf)
101123 Amendment Named Insured Endorsement
   (Filename: 101123 Amend NI Endorsement.pdf)
Directors and Officers Policy
   (Filename: 2023 D&O.pdf)
Workers Compensation Policy
   (Filename: 2023 WC.pdf)
NOTE: indented file links are related to "higher" level document.
-- Updated as of 02-Nov-2023 --


Governing Documents

In 2007, Cornerstone builders of Virginia filed its first of many legal documents for the building and management of the community to be called "The Villas of Wake Forest". Over the next 9-10 years, numerous additions and changes were made to those legal documents.
Please contact a community Board member if you have questions or want more information.

Initial Legal Documents creating / defining the community:
Additions and Changes to the "Articles..." and "Declaration..." documents:
  • Access Easement Agreement
      (filename: AccessEasementPrivatePublic.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 28-Mar-2007)
  • 1st amendment
      (filename: VMG WF 1st Amendment to Decclaration-Leins,
                          Defects and Encumbrances.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 16-Mar-2007)
  • 2nd amendment
      (filename: Bylawamendelection(d)removed.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 26-Mar-2010)
  • 3rd amendment
      (filename: LeasingDeclAmend.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 20-Nov-2013)
  • 4th amendment:
      (filename: DeclAmend4th.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 13-Nov-2014)
  • 5th amendment:
      (filename: VMG Amendment to By-Laws to increase Board Size.pdf)
      (filed in Wake County 14-Oct-2016)

(section last updated 03-Mar-2023)

Realtor Documents

    (as of 13-Jan-2024)
    (filename: 2023-09-27 Certificate of Insurance for Full Assn - York.pdf)
    (as of Sept 2023)
    (filename: 2019-2020 Master Insurance Policy Owner Info. Sheet.pdf)
    (as of September 2019)
(page updated 30-May-2024)