Clubs Activities
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Nanu Nanu!
Hello all you earthlings.  Up, up and away to direct your attention overhead for the month of February   This is the first 3D picture of The Milky Way ever created.
When:  .............TBA
Where:  ............TBA
Coordinator:  ..Wayne Wachtstetter
Milky Way
Bible Study
Introduction: This study group focuses on reading, studying and exploring Bible verses and scriptures.
When:  .............every Tuesday 3pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ..Ruth Dragelin
Book Club
Purpose: To foster a love of reading and to review and discuss pre-selected books of interest.
The Book Club does not meet in June or July. The next scheduled meeting is on the second Monday of each month.


When:  .............second Monday 2pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ... Pat Nemes
This is league bowling played by several Villas residents, usually once a week.  There is a winter league (Sept -- May) and a summer league (June -- Aug).
The Winter Bowling League is wrapping up within the next couple of weeks. Our Silver Fox League top teams will roll-off for # 1 position on May 22. The rest of the bowlers will do a “fun bowl” with what is known as a “9-pin-tap”. which means when you get 10 pins down on 1st ball, you get an “official" strike. BUT, in the fun bowl, when you get 9 pins down on the 1st ball, you also get credit for a “strike"!!! Want to bowl a 300 game without making a, “official" strike, this is the way to do it! During this time, the League will give out prizes based on numbered tickets drawn. And then, the BIG LEAGUE AWARDS are announced to end the day.
The Summer Bowling Leagues are now forming. Some of the leagues are going to 3 person teams, for much faster games. There are leagues for virtually every day of the week, so check them out at the Buffaloe Lanes North website.
On a hot summer day, the bowling alley is COOL! Visit Buffaloe Lanes North on Oak Forest Road in Raleigh, and have some fun. There are no height, weight or strength limits, but it’s a good idea to leave “walkers”  & canes at home. You can request “bumpers”, which eliminate gutter balls. They even have ramps to roll the ball, if needed. Surprisingly, there are blind bowlers who also have fun bowling. It’s open to everyone!
When:  .............Schedule set by the Bowling Alley
Where:  ............Buffaloe Lanes North Oak Forest Road
Coordinator:  ....Norm Bell & Burt Shene
Bridge (afternoon)
Bridge is a trick-taking card game played by four people per table.  Everyone brings what they want to drink.  Snacks are provided.
Afternoon Bridge has been played on the first Thursday afternoon of each month. There are usually three tables. Anyone wishing to be added to the call list should contact the coordinator.
When:  .............1st and 3rd Thursday 2pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Suzanne Hawley
Bridge (evening) - CANCELLED
Bridge is a trick-taking card game played by four people per table.  Everyone brings what they want to drink.  Snacks are provided. 
New players with any interest in playing bridge for fun and fellowship are welcome.  Please contact Sandra Sullivan, or drop by for more details.
When:  .............third Monday 7pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Sandra Sullivan
Bunco is a social dice game involving 100% luck and no skill (there are no decisions to be made), scoring and a simple set of rules.  The game involves getting up and changing tables numerous times. 
There is lots of laughter, camaraderie and relaxed overall fun going on at the club house at 6:45PM on the second Thursday of the month. Bunko is the game; Come out and join in the fun.
When:  .............second Tuesday 6:45pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....T.B.A. 
Coffee - Men & Women
An informal social gathering open to all residents of the community for coffee and light snacks.
The Villas continue to have successful separate coffees For the men and women. They are well attended and hosted by participants. The men typically have 25-35 participants and the women, 35-45 attend.
When:  .............MEN: every Tuesday 10am
                          LADIES: every Thursday 10am
                          HOST(S): TBA every week
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Dianne Spears, Ray Banes, Nancy Brooks
Crafts & Quilting
Resident women work on different crafts, such as crocheting and quilting.
Quilting/crafts meets every Friday from 10 til 3. If you enjoy sewing or want to learn to quilt, bring your machine to the clubhouse and join us. Occasionally other crafts will be scheduled, usually for special occasions. If you don’t enjoy crafting but want to get out of the house, stop by for a visit or bring your lunch and join us.
When:  .............every Friday 10am
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Agnes Summers, Donna Turnage
Game day is every Wednesday! Everyone is invited. We play dominoes and sometimes canasta if we have enough people. We start at 1pm and play until about 3pm. We are open to playing different games if some are interested and we have enough people. You do not have to let us know if you are coming, just show up at 1pm on Weds. Questions: contact Joan Greiling. We always have a good time. We look forward to having more people join us, so come and bring your neighbors.
Open to everyone, men and women.
When:  .............every Wednesday 1pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....T.B.A.
Genealogy is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.  Our goal is to assist those new to genealogy and introduce members to new resources, software, methods and concepts.

When getting started in genealogy research the first hurdle is knowing where to look for information. To help, there is nothing better than a list of information sources. There is a web site called Cindi's List that is a huge list of web sites chock full of what you are looking for. The web address is: . All you have to do is click on the Categories tab to begin. The best part aside from the information is that each site is labeled with a "$" if there is a cost ( for example).
When:  .............TBA
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Dick Webb
Guys' Movie Night
"Men's night" has turned into "men's movie night”. Typically, an action adventure movie will be played. Requests are welcome/ Come to the clubhouse at about 7pm and join us.
When:  ............. every Tuesday 7pm
Where:  ............Villas Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Bob Turnage
Golf is played on a once-a-week minimum schedule, weather permitting.  A different course is played each week.  Both men and women play.
Remember that our group is always open to more neighbors playing with us. Skill level does not matter and ladies are welcome as well as men.
When:  .............every Monday 8:30am tee-time
                            (weather permitting)
                            (later times in winter)
Where:  ............TBA
Coordinator:  ....Roy Summers
Indoor Exercise
Our exercise class is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 am, lasting about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. All of the videos are senior-related, some harder than others. We try to do the most difficult ones on Monday and Wednesday and let everyone pick the ones they like on Friday. The class is fun because everyone enjoys each other. These ladies are fun to be with, and we now have approximately ten ladies. Anyone who would like to join us is more than welcome.
When:  .............every Mon / Wed / Fri 9:00-9:30am
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Norma Klein, Susie Sullivan
Ladies Lunch
This is time for socializing and enjoying each other's company.  We go out for lunch at a different restaurant in or around Wake Forest.
The ladies of the Villas meet on the fourth Monday of every month, at 11:30, at a different restaurant. Dianne Spears organizes this event. A sign up sheet is available at the clubhouse every month. This past month the ladies met for a delicious lunch at Shuckers. In April we are scheduled to meet at Red Robin. This is a great way to meet all your neighbors.
When:  .............TBA
Where:  ............TBA (local restaurant)
Coordinator:  ....Dianne Spears, Donna Turnage
Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation, involves a degree of chance, and is played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters/symbols.
Commonly played by four players. Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculations and chance. It is usually played on Mondays at 1:30 Pm at the club house. If interested in playing please contact Terry Pike.
When:  .............every Monday 1:30pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Terry Pike
Men's Lunch
A luncheon is scheduled at a different restaurant in the Wake Forest area.  It's a great way to get to know other men in the Villas and meet others that might share your interest in golf, cars, poker and other hobbies.
The Villa men go to lunch on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30. I select a different restaurant each month and try not to repeat the same restaurant more than once a year.  It is a great time to visit with neighbors and meet new men as they come into the Villas.
The Villa men will be going to East Coast Wings on Wednesday, May 1st at 11:30. East Coast Wings is located at 12646 Capitol Boulevard here in Wake Forest (in the shopping center with Kohl's). East Coast Wings not only offers wings in many flavors, but they also have burgers, salads, soups, quesadillas, wraps and lunch features. If transportation is an issue, please let me know as we have a number of volunteers that offer to drive. If you have any questions please contact Marvin Etheridge.  
When:  .............TBA (typically 1st Wednesday 11:30 am
Where:  ............TBA (local restaurant)
Coordinator:  ....TBA
Men's Poker
The games include draw poker, 5 card stud, 7 card stud and 5 card draw.  There is a $10.00 maximum buy in.  Bets are nickel, dime and quarter with three raises.  Bring your own snacks and drinks, and come for a fun evening.
Nine guys showed up for poker on Monday Feb 25th. Bruce was the big winner at one table, a friendly neighbor. The winner at table 2 was John Link. The guys played for about 2 hours: playing bluffing, fussing, and $%#@...! A good time was had by everyone.  
There is a $10.00 maximum buy in.  Bets are nickel, dime and quarter with three raises.  Bring your own snacks and drinks, and come for a fun evening.
When:  .............second Monday 7pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....TBA
Pool (Billiards)
Numerous pocket billiards games are played on a six-pocket table, including eight-ball, nine-ball, high-low-in between, and straight pool.  Bring your own snacks and drinks, and come for the fun.
Roger Casterline broke his losing streak.  He went back to Florida!
When:  .............every Wednesday 3pm
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....T.B.A.
Tuesday Diners - CANCELED
The third Tuesday of the month finds this groups meeting at a local restaurant to enjoy a good meal and each other's company. The coordinator(s) are choosing the restaurant and posting a signup sheet at the clubhouse.  Everyone is welcome. If you have a suggestion for a new eatery, please contact either Norma or Judy with your idea. 
When:  .............TBA
Where:  ............TBA (local restaurant)
Coordinator:  ....Norma Klein, Judy Ramsey
Villas Dinner Club - CANCELED
Recently disbanded - Oct 2021
The Villas Dinner Club enjoyed two delicious dinners this month. March’s theme was Italian. There was an abundance of great food at both dinners. Many thanks to all our March hostesses. These dinners would not be possible without all your help.
This club organizes themed Clubhouse dinners for the members each month.  Members have been divided into 4 groups, which are then rotated for attendence twice a month. The club is an excellent way to foster camaraderie among the residents of the neighborhood.  Dues are $40. per year per member and are prorated for partial years.
When:  .............TBA
Where:  ............Clubhouse
Coordinator:  ....Karen Kirschner, Donna Turnage
Water Aerobics (low impact)
Low impact water aerobics is held at the pool and is open to everyone who enjoys stress-free, senior-type water exercise and lots of fun.
We welcome Spring and hopefully warm weather to make us eager to enjoy the pool and fun exercise with Water Aerobics.  A sign up list will be posted at the clubhouse on Thursday, April 11th for Water Aerobics that will begin on Monday, May 13th at 10:00 in the morning and continue with sessions each Monday and Wednesday throughout the Summer months.   Due to pool space,  this is open to 20 people who wish to participate on a fairly regular basis.If you need more information, please contact Terry Pike.
When:  .............every Mon / Wednesday 9:30am
                           (warm months when the pool is open)
Where:  ............Clubhouse swimming pool
Coordinator:  ....Terry Pike