Guys Movies
Guys Movies
The following movie DVDs have been donated or loaned to the Villas for our viewing pleasure. We have seen some of these movies, but most we have not. FYI - these movie photos are NOT organized in any way. I just grabbed 4 at a time and made a photo.
THIS SUMMER (2023) - I am expecting the guys to review these photos and choose what movies you would like to see the next available movie night - routinely Tuesday at 7pm in the Villas Clubhouse.
ADDITIONALLY - you are welcome to propose a movie DVD that you own and will bring to Guys Movie Night.
Use YouTube to search a movie title preview to find out more about that movie..
Contact Bob Turnage or Al Zack regarding your movie choices.
FYI: here is the link for DVD photos using the built ALBUMS feature:
For more information, contact Bob Turnage.


FYI: as of July 2023, the following John Wayne westerns were available for free on either YouTube movies or Amazon Prime:
 + 1939 Stagecoach - the first feature with Wayne as the star
 + 1959 Rio Bravo
 + 1965 The Sons of Katie Elder
 + 1967 El Dorado